Defense Industry Products

Real World Tested

Drone surveillance, object detection, identification, and tracking technology. Works on 4k video streams. Find lost children, hikers, or the hiding enemy.

Prior contracts $11.3 million

Subsurface anomaly detection program. ORCA finds submerged submarines from single image of the ocean surface.

Prior contracts $4.89 million


Compression Enhanced Data Delivery

Double the bandwidth or double the users on an existing satellite with a CEDD compression box. Saves hundreds of millions of $ and years waiting to put another satellite up to increase bandwidth when you can do it now!

Prior contracts $9.83 million


Advanced AI video analytics.

Prior contracts $8.45 million 


Real Time 2d/3d Render Engine

Render your 2D video into 3D while you are collecting collecting data.

Prior contracts $4.2 million


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